Cognitive Remediation

Improve your brain, improve your life

Cognitive Remediation aims to improve your brain functions which directly influence your functional capacity. Cognitive functions can be affected by neurodevelopment disorders, mental illness, both psychological and physical trauma or some medical conditions.

What does it actually involve?

Retraining your brain is like any exercise.  But you can’t train the right part unless you know which part requires work.  Cognitive Remediation is a type of intervention that identifies the areas of concerns and targets specific interventions to improve that area.

How do we do it?

Playing a game on a computer does not necessarily make you good at improving that cognitive area of concern.  It only makes you good at playing that game.  The type of Cognitive Remediation that we do is a targeted, one-on-one method involving a clinician and you, using evidence-based interventions utilising visual-sensory aids.


Identify the problem

Find out which cognitive areas are working well, and which areas are not

Set targets and improvement goals

Decide which domains of your life you want to improve

Sharpen up your cognitive functions

Improve your cognitive function and achieve your goals

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