We want to make it easy

for people to access our service.

We are able to bulk-bull DVA card holders with a valid referral.  Some Psychiatry 291 referrals are bulk-billed*.  There is a fee for all other referral types.

We see patients who are on WorkCover or any other insurance.  Usually a prior-approval from them is required beforehand.  If there is an approval from the relevant insurer, all fees will be covered by the relevant insurer and no gap is payable.

Private health fund rebates does not apply to Psychiatrist consultations.  They may apply for Psychology consultations, but you may have to confirm this with your health fund provider.

Not all services attract a rebate from Medicare, private health funds, or from WorkcCover.  Therefore it is important to clarify this beforehand.

*some exceptions apply.  Please enquire with our friendly staff.

We know you probably don’t like surprises because neither do we.   Due to the numerous rebate options available, it is probably best to speak to one of our crew about fees and rebates so that the correct information applies to your individual circumstances.

Due to the breadth of what we offer, and how we tailor to each individual need, it is not possible to list the fees for everything here.  The best way of exploring what is most appropriate for you, and how we can best help you, is to contact one of our crew members who will happily assist you further.

**Referrals for initial diagnosis of ADHD require additional testings and involve more than just consultations.  Such referrals are therefore unable to be bulk-billed.