North Coast Healthy Minds Referral Submission

The Shrink Company is a registered provider for North Coast Primary Health Network (PHN) to deliver services under the Connect to Wellbeing program.

Eligible patients who have an address in North Coast can be referred to Connect to Wellbeing program to access certain psychological services, including under the Suicide Prevention Scheme (SPS).

You may nominate any of our practitioners individually, or simply nominate The Shrink Company  as your preferred provider and we will triage and allocate the most appropriate practitioner from our end.

The Shrink Company has a dedicated Intake Officer to triage and assign all referrals based on acuity.  Patients referred under the Suicide Prevention Scheme (SPS) are contacted with 24 hours, with a target for the first consultation to occur within 72 hours of referral.

You may download the referral form in the link below.  Please note that referrals must be faxed to Healthy Minds.

Please click here to find out more about the Connect to Wellbeing program