NSW Student Engagement and Attendance Scheme


Research shows that regular school attendance has a significant influence on educational outcomes, positive peer relationships and the basic social skills essential for future success. Conversely absent children are at greater risk of poorer academic performance and leaving secondary school early – increasing their risk of unemployment and welfare dependency (Daraganova, 2012). From this it is clearly understood that student attendance and engagement has a direct impact on performance at school and therefore it has become a government priority. 

There are a number of factors which may lead to a student’s disengagement from school and poor attendance. These include:

• Isolation from peers
• Caring and other responsibilities
• Challenging interpersonal relationships
• Difficulty in forming and maintaining friendships
• Fractured connections with family
• Chronic and serious health
• Mobility
• Difficulty reaching academic benchmarks
• Challenges in completing homework and assignment requirements
• Curriculum options are limited and does not meet diverse student needs

Neurocognitive and Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectual Disability (ID), Learning Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) can also adverse affect a child’s ability to engage in school and its activities, including the manifestation of behavioural issues.  For some cases having an established diagnosis enables access to additional resources to support the child in school.  Access to rapid Assessment and Diagnosis is therefore beneficial to identify the child’s deficits, and engage in early intervention.

Early identification and intervention is critical in addressing attendance concerns and student disengagement from school.

The Shrink Company is a Panel Provider under this Scheme.  Public Schools in NSW are able to engage us as a provider to provider services under this Scheme, which is funded by the NSW Department of Education.


NSW Student Engagement & Attendance Scheme

What We Do

Provide support to schools relating to student attendance and engagement

Target Audience

The child, teachers, guidance officers, schools, parents

What we provide under the Scheme

Mentoring Programs

Focus on support for individual students who have been identified as being at risk of disengaging from school and/or the curriculum

Youth Work Services

Support at risk students who may require prevention or early intervention strategies to assist them remain engaged in learning and/or improve attendance.

Parenting Programs

Support schools to engage with parents and also assist parents to help their children to engage in their schooling

Engagement or Re-engagement Programs

Provide tailored education and support for students who are disengaged or have been identified as at risk of disengaging from school

Rapid Diagnosis of Neurodevelopment Disorders

Quickly access additional supports through rapid assessment and diagnosis of Neurocognitive or Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Continuity of Care Outside of School

Provide wrap-around for services that fall outside the scope of the Scheme

If you are a Teacher, Guidance Officer, School Counsellor, or anyone acting on behalf of the School

You are able to engage our services by engaging us through your school’s usual procurement procedures.  The Shrink Company is listed in the NSW Department’s new Student Engagement and Attendance webpage as a panel provider for NSW public schools.

If you are a Parent, Carer, or Guardian of a child identified as needing additional supports

You can advocate for your child’s needs by discussing this with the School to consider engaging our services for you and your child.  NSW Department of Education will fund the services provided under this Scheme.