Addiction is the compulsive engagement in substance use or activities, despite harmful consequences that impact on various domains of life. Most people are unaware that their behaviour is causing problems for themselves and others, and is out of control. They usually engage in those behaviours as a result of being emotionally stressed and as a means to cope. Research shows that combining psychopharmacological treatment with behavioural therapy is most effective for this group. Though it is not uncommon for people to relapse, relapse should not be considered as treatment failure, but a need for treatment to be reinstated, adjusted, or for an alternative treatment to be implemented.

There are many types of addiction – some are formalised, some aren’t.  At The Shrink Company we don’t only focus on what is considered “formal” addiction (like alcohol addiction, gambling, drugs etc).  Addiction is the bondage.  The focus of their addiction is only a vehicle.  To treat addiction we don’t just focus on the vehicle, we must focus on the bondage as well.

There are some instances where medications can assist, and in the case of substance addiction, rehabilitation may be necessary.  Our team of clinicians are able to assess your needs.